Artisti ’23 – Porto Franco


Creativity appears increasingly spontaneous and uncontrollable, beyond techniques, trades, rules, which no one has the right to establish.
Therefore, between ambitions, market needs, spirit of provocation, the quantity of knowledge and the critical process intertwine with a wide margin of discretion and arbitrariness.

In the meantime, therefore, let us take note of this reality, like a constellation in an ever-expanding firmament.
To delimit it, I tried not to apply a homogeneous selection criterion, inevitably determined by my taste.
But I tried to recognize the reasons or the motivations of a research, whose originality and novelty could be perceived.
So here, at this border, are the artists «cleared through customs» by me, and transferred to a «free port» by my arbitrary but not unjustified decision.

Vittorio Sgarbi

Artisti '23

My work

I was present  with one my Still Life photo, reviewed by Vittorio Sgarbi.

Description of the photo

Title of the photo:
Tavolo con bicchiere e ghiande

Photo description:
The image belongs to my project “Memories”.
The nineteenth-century setting and Caravaggio-like lighting push the observer to imagine the mess after a banquet.


The still life finds in the seventeenth century the golden age in which to refine, for example, the intensity of the well-known Caravagesque lesson or the Flemish experiences, its expressive and allegorical charge.
Staffetta’s photography approaches these intentions: in the sharpness of the image, the colours, lights and reflections of the objects seem to transcend in a suspended atmosphere which also reveals their common transience.

Vittorio Sgarbi