Collettiva Frammenti di Luce – 2023

The exhibition

It is called “Frammenti di luce – Unconventional”, the national collective photographic exhibition held in Capodimonte from 19 to 21 August, set up in the premises of the former Scuderie Farnesiane (Farnese Stables), Via San Sebastiano 41.

It was promoted by photographer Massimiliano Falso, creator of the project and, as the city’s contact person, photographer Enrico Maria Ranaldi.

The vernissage took place on 19 August at 11 am.

A large container of images that hosts 360-degree photographs, displaying many photographic genres to represent photography as a form of art and freedom for everyone to express themselves, open to anyone who wants to exhibit, whether professionals or amateurs.
“Frammenti di Luce” will be a year-long itinerant journey that will have 16 stops throughout Italy.

Locandina Frammenti di Luce 2023 - Capodimonte

Description of the photos

Passeggiando per Venezia - 2018

Passeggiando per Venezia – 2018

Title of the photo:
Passeggiando per Venezia

Photo description:
An image of Venice outside the classical schemes, where the visitor wanders through its streets and architectural beauties.



Frutti autunnali - 2019

Frutti autunnali – 2019

Title of the photo:
Frutti autunnali

Photo description:
The image belongs to my “Food and Drink Still Life” project.
The technique behind this project is to highlight the subject in color, detached from the black/white background.
This composition aims to recreate a nineteenth-century setting, using light reminiscent of Flemish paintings.