Shots to Tell – 2021

Shots To Tell – 2021


ShotsToTell is the series of photo books designed to publish some of the most interesting projects made around the world. The philosophy behind the idea is to add a text to the images to tell the public about the author’s experience during the development of the project.

The photographic books in this series are appreciated not only for the intense curatorial commitment dedicated to making them, but above all for the high quality printing standard that makes them highly prestigious editorial products. The creator and curator of the ShotsToTell series is the photographer Mino Di Vita.


My work

I am present in volume 2 of this series, published in June 2021, presenting a selection of photos taken from my artistic project with the title “Unusual visions of a city – An alternative reading“.
This project, which began in 2014, but is constantly evolving, tends to suggest a different way to interpret the numerous images that accompany us every day.

Description of the project

Fairytale or reality? Waking or dream experience? Right or wrong? The alternative in the interpretation of an image is always present in every aspect of our life and the photographic medium often relentlessly highlights it.

In front of a fountain, for example, while we stop to quench our thirst, it is unusual to think that in an era not too distant, people could also stop to water the horses as a very popular, perhaps unique, means of transport.

Or by attending the ritual of the changing of the guard one could go beyond the consideration of finding oneself in front of a folkloric moment, almost amusing. With a little effort, one can imagine the intense and demanding training with which the military achieves perfection in carrying out those movements, proudly honoring membership in the military corps.

If we visit a museum, we generally focus our attention on the works on display and not on the ancient environments that contain them. Once, however, those places were home to noble lords who walked through the silent rooms wearing elaborately made clothes, trimmed with damasks and lace. The days were punctuated only by the rays of the sun that filtered through the windows and faded until they disappeared completely and gave way to the darkness of the night. An everyday life certainly far from ours which, on the other hand, is characterized by the frenzy that accompanies us.

Sometimes modern buildings, if viewed from a different angle, can make you lose track of space. We no longer know where the top or the bottom is, what we see could be appreciated in any position it is placed.

Traveling visiting the cities of the world is for me, even today, an opportunity to grasp the details that are normally overlooked: glimpses of suggestive lights, unusual shots, hidden details. All this with the aim of stimulating the imagination of the viewer by encouraging the possibility of embarking on a journey through time and space.